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About Us

If you're here reading this, you are appreciated more than you know. We're just some visionaries from Illinois who's really into fashion but even more just into real life. We're very much into the mental aspects of life and the realization of how deep life is and how much attention should be paid to the minds of people. We understand that people's thoughts are real and all of your thoughts are what lead you to where you are in life today. Even right here with us. We love you without ever meeting you. We care about people's happiness and contentment in life more than anything else. With this store, we aim to connect with as many people as possible and be able to make a difference for them and be an inspiration for them to remain aware of their cognitive thinking. We're not life coaches but, me myself (Patrick) is big into self help and universal laws. I would never push my loves and desires on anyone, but we want to be the best people we can be and connect with everyone in the greatest of ways. We hope to have each visitor as family by connecting through this store and be able to offer more support to each individual than just a sell. Togetherness is very important to us as we attempt to do our part on this life journey. Again, I thank you for being right here with us and please give us all feedback that you have at